We have three Specialty Retail Centers and one Design Center, which target and serve the Dallas and Ft. Worth Area. We also have a new Design center in the pipeline for 2017.  

The Design Centers are redevelopments of some older properties that were developed by Semos & Co. in the 1950s.

The Specialty Retail Centers provide a venue for people from many different countries. These retail centers reflect the international influences throughout the sprawling Dallas metropolitan area.



This property is located in the booming Ft. Worth Ave. - West Commerce St.  Neighborhood  just west of Downtown Dallas. Near the new Calatrava Bridge and Trinity Park, this property is close to the Trinity Design District. The trendy Belmont Hotel and many new developments are just a few blocks away. Below is a map showing the location of the property.

The property is used by design professionals for their studios.
This property has 100% occupancy.

Dallas, Texas

This center will be located on Ft. Worth Ave. and Plymouth Road. It will feature retailers selling plants and grass for the Kessler and Stevens Park neighborhoods adjacent to the site. Construction is expected to begin in October, 2017.
The property has been pre-leased and will have 100% occupancy.


We offer three retail centers which serve specific markets. Space in these centers can be used for office purposes as well as retail use. We have a specialty retail center in Euless which caters to the huge International market located in the mid-cities. In the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, we have two specialty retail centers, which serve the neighboring Hispanic market.



The International Business Center of Euless has tenants from all over the world. This property is located on Highway 10 in the fantastic and progressive City of Euless. This Specialty Center serves the tremendous international population of the mid-cities and draws from the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area.

The center hosts a variety of grocery stores and markets from all over the world. These include the Al- Alamir Market and the Thai Laos Market. In addition, there are other retailers and offices in the center which serve the International community. TitleMax is our newest Tenant. 

The property is currently undergoing a major face lift to make it more distinctive. Soon, the International Business Center of Euless will be ready to take its place as a major force in the international community of the mid-cities area.

There is currently 1 space available. Please call for more information:

Charlie Semos

214. 528. 2600


This retail center is located on W. Davis St. in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas across from Pinnacle Park. The property serves the large Hispanic population around it.

The property is occupied with Mexican restaurants, a Hispanic food market with a taqueria, a tax service, a beauty salon  and other retail businesses that serve the local neighborhood.

This property has 100% Occupancy

Please contact Charlie Semos 214. 528. 2600


This Commercial - Retail center is located in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas on Davis Boulevard between the Week End Mexican Bazaar and the rows of automobile dealers along Davis. This center is a cluster of several unique buildings. The tenants here operate retail stores and offer consumer services to this dynamic and vibrant Oak Cliff neighborhood. Semos & Co. constructed all of these buildings during the late forties and early fifties on land purchased during the 1930s.

The center is currently undergoing redevelopment to update it into a mixed use property to better serve the neighborhood.

This property has 100% occupancy

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